Kenny Pantuso

      I first fell in love with craft beer when I lived in Tampa, FL. After long nights working in hospitality we couldn’t go to a bar because everything was closed by then. So a good friend and I would collect really good beer and share them as well as the trials and tribulations of the day. It felt great to have a drink and get lost in great conversation. It also helped that we lived in Tampa, FL that had an explosion of excellent beer. 

     In 2014 my wife, Lisa, and I decided to move to her home town of Chelmsford, MA to start planting our roots for our budding family. The schools are great, her family is here, and I quickly found that this is the land of opportunity if you work hard and do right by others. That same year I became Bar Manager for one of the busiest bars in Tyngsboro, MA and the highest volume in bar sales for Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill. This was a crash course for liquor, beer, wine, and business to say the least. But once again I fell in love. My favorite part of the job was educating patrons on the products and getting them to love something that they might not have tried on their own. I pride myself on staff training and having fun while working hard. The bar staff was amazing and together we earned a wall full of 100% Bar Integrity shops. 

     Later that same year I took on the role of Regional Bar Specialist in which I would also be accountable for the successes and failures of the other bars in New England. Dually, I moved to managing the Bar at a new location in Peabody, MA. This is when I really got to spread my craft beer wings, and it was glorious. It was amazing to watch people, that didn’t normally drink beer, get so excited to see what was on tap next. 

     Although the restaurant business was a great learning experience, I found myself only in love with the bar. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more that goes into managing a bar in a restaurant. It wasn’t long after I realized this that Joe Ready had reached out to me about opening a liquor store. It was one of those once in a life time opportunities and I wasn’t about to refuse. Liquor, beer, and wine can be very simple, very artistic, or anywhere in between. There is an abundance to explore and it’s only getting better. This is the journey I want to take the willing on. Cocktails can make conversation much easier and more fruitful. We all know it can make parties and entertaining more exciting. I would be a fool to turn a blind eye to the negative sides. But I strongly believe that through education it becomes less about becoming intoxicated and more about appreciating what someone has created and is proud of. 

     Craft Beer House and Premium Liquors is a new and exciting adventure. I encourage anyone and everyone to take the journey with me. Let’s build a life worth toasting to. Cheers!